A tool for ban/pick drafts created for Blizzard’s Overwatch

This is a free draft tool for all Overwatch players. Use it freely and give it to your friends to make your matches, tournaments or just play around. This tool is not associated to Blizzard Entertainment in any way.
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Recent draft sessions

Match Tournament When Status
Back in Black vs Entity Finale LCE 2018 7 hours ago Completed
butt vs ranconr rancorbutt 9 hours ago Completed
Team 1 vs Team 2 9 hours ago Completed
Trash Bags vs Drunken Northcon Semi Final Trash Bags Drunken Attitude 20 hours ago Completed
LU(CAS vs ANINEG EGEGBPIBHPI 22 hours ago Completed
LUCAS vs ANTO hello boyz 22 hours ago Completed
lynx vs capitaine lynx vs capitaines Yesterday Completed
LJC E-Sports vs B&B GPNK Finale B LJC E-Sports Vs B&B GPNK Yesterday Completed
Capitaines vs CSECO Capitaines VS CSECO Yesterday Completed
Back in Black vs GPNK Demi-finale BackinBlack vs GPNK Yesterday Completed
ljc vs entity 10 Yesterday Completed
capitaines vs CSECO LCE 19h 10/12/18 Yesterday Completed
1 vs 2 1 Yesterday Completed
test vs test Test Yesterday Completed
12345 vs 56214 test Yesterday Completed
JBHS vs KCHS OW Playoffs 3 days ago Completed
LiNKzr's Potatoes vs LiNKzr's Cuccos linkzrcord test pug 4 days ago Completed
ss vs sss tgatg 4 days ago Completed
kadera apurtzaileak vs roninteam araba encouner 4 days ago Completed
Nitram & Co vs Malmö Esport Ninjat 4 days ago Completed