A tool for ban/pick drafts created for Blizzard’s Overwatch

This is a free draft tool for all Overwatch players. Use it freely and give it to your friends to make your matches, tournaments or just play around. This tool is not associated to Blizzard Entertainment in any way.
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Recent draft sessions

Match Tournament When Status
Outlaws vs Sea Nein PWL 16 minutes ago Completed
Outlaws vs Sea Nein PWL 24 minutes ago Completed
Team A vs Team B Testing Ths Tool 56 minutes ago Drafting
ASFAFASF vs AFASFAFA nfisaFSA 1 hour ago Lobby
Profesor Cholo vs Acapulco Rock ESLA Overwatch Challenge 1 hour ago Completed
Atheris vs 404 ESLA ow Challenge 1 hour ago Completed
Kukulkan Esports vs Xolos Gaming Esla 1 hour ago Completed
Odog vs Optidox Scrims 5/28 2 hours ago Drafting
1 vs 2 vivid tryouts 2 hours ago Drafting
unKnights vs H2C 9kleague 2 hours ago Completed
BDT vs Blue Fenix Saga tournament 2 hours ago Completed
BDT vs BLUE FENIX CAMPEONATO SAGA 2 hours ago Completed
Unknight vs Redworld 9kleague 3 hours ago Completed
Ranked Team 6 vs Ranked Team 4 Ranked Team 6 vs Ranked Team 4 3 hours ago Drafting
Blacklisted vs Limitless Athena week 11 3 hours ago Completed
Team 2 vs Team 5 Clan Ladder Ghost Team 2 VS Team 5 4 hours ago Completed
RWG vs H2C Over9k ligue 4 hours ago Completed
Ebriosus vs Vanguard Esports Sugarlan zonder lan 4 hours ago Completed
Oulu vs Joensuu Kaupunkisota 8 hours ago Completed
Team 1 vs Team 2 6v6 xD 9 hours ago Completed